The Asset financing Loan offered by Nawiri facilitated me to acquire the land I live in at Kithimu. I have now  cleared the loan. The terms are  Very friendly.

JOHN NJAGISalaried Member

Nawiri Sacco Business loan has really assisted me grow my business from a small kiosk a few years ago to the current wholesale shop that I operate


The cheque clearing advance has helped me in settling my suppliers and am left organizing to regularize my account without stress. Live long Nawiri.

PAUL MAINABusinessman

Nawiri Sacco  assisted me to develop my plot at kianjokoma market by giving me a development loan repayable in five years using proceeds from my Tea farming. Pongezi Nawiri sacco


The Nawiri Micro Finance facilitated my economic growth from a village house wife to the current cereals stockist. Akina mama tuko mbele

MARY NDUNG’UBusiness Lady