1.Requirements to join Nawiri (Who & How)

Anybody can easily join Nawiri Sacco as an individual, partners, business, investment group or as a company by just visiting any of our branches with your ID card.

2. Can I access services in other branches and at what cost?

Our branches are fully networked and integrated and so you can access services from any branch at no extra cost.

3.How can I get a loan from Nawiri Sacco?

Open an account and ensure consistent saving for a minimum of two (2) months, but we also consider statements from other financial institutions. Then visit our branch and fill a loan application form, provide guarantors or security as applicable (depends on loan type), provide copies of employee payslips (past 3 months) or production payment slips for farmers, and a copy of National ID.

4.What is the loan processing period?

Loans below ksh500,000 are approved within 24 hrs. Bigger loans depends on security perfection period.

5.How are your loans secured?

Through guarantorship or providing collaterals like Title Deeds, Car Logbooks, Chattels, Insurance policy, Co-operative Bank Class A shares, etc

6.Can I apply for more than one loan ?

A member can qualify for as many loan products as possible provided he/she has the ability to pay the loans.