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  1. My name is Michael Murimi, id number 24920381, Nawiri Sacco member,
    on 6/7/2021, I received a notification via SMS through my line 0720080359 that 2500 had been debited from my account. I tried doing an unsuccessful follow-up: I reached out to the bank via branch numbers given on the website: Embu branch 0707 635 365, who, after receiving the call, later muted, and his phone went off to this time am writing. I called Nawiri customer care at 0110097057 using my number indicated above at 2:46 pm, a call that lasted 1:35 sec. I explained the issue and told me to go to my branch; I explained I was far, in fact, currently in Busia county, and there is a lockdown, and she asked me my number and promised to call back hasn’t done.
    I write to express my dissatisfaction when money is debited from an account and somebody calls to the inquiry. He should be given immediate attention or explanation as to why it is happening. To this time, I have not known why money was debited. I even wrote an email via info@nawiri.co.ke, and I have not received feedback.
    I have gone to the website to check who could assist; I have found these links open,
    kindly assist.

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